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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

No Shit


We took the kids to the Chapel Hill/Carrboro Christmas parade on Saturday morning. We've been going to that parade and camping out in front of the Orange County Social Club since before we had kids. Even though we moved to Durham it still is an annual tradition.

Usually I don't get to make it because of my catering work schedule and usually it is cold as hell out but this year the temperature was downright balmy and I managed to squeeze in some free time.

And just to show you how serious they take their basketball here in Chapel Hill, the fire engines are painted Carolina blue and have the patented Tar Heel logo imprinted on them.

I wonder, are there any other college towns out there who eschew the traditional red fire engine in favor of the local university's colors?
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1 comment:

Whit said...

I can't answer this. My college color was red- so who knows?