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Monday, November 19, 2007

Snacks That Saved The Day


We needed some snacks to watch one of the greatest of sports rivalries this past weekend: the Redskins versus the Cowboys.

Let me just say that I grew up in a die hard Skins household - my father has had season tickets since before I was born and I'm going to be 40 next year so that's a mighty long time. [Also, the last song played at my wedding reception was the Skins Fight Song...]

I been to and watched many a Skins vs. Cowboys game. I seen beat-downs of gloating Cowboys fans in the parking lot by the hand of drunken angry Skins fans after a severe defeat; another loss at the hands of the Cowboys ruined a family Thanksgiving dinner as the house fell sullen and dejected.

I've also been on hand for victories at RFK stadium where you could see the upper deck bouncing for Redskins fever and had my conversations with my brother or dad drowned out by a thunderous, excitable crowd.

So now it's a favorite tradition I'm passing down to my sons: when the Redskins and Cowboys play all chores are put on hold and we get to the task of eating, drinking and hollerin' at the TV.

While I'm not happy about the outcome of yesterday's game, it was still enjoyable to watch (although I don't understand how any team much less the Skins could leave T.O. open. Duh).

Food served: beef tenderloin with goat cheese on toasted bagettes and brie cheese tarts. Nothing too elaborate but tasty none the less.
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Jeff said...

I am not sure what looks better - the tenderloin or Romo to T.O.

greg said...


of course it's the tenderloin...

MileHiDad said...

Greg, happy holidays to you and yours! I had to cruise by and see what was said about your weekend of dining and I wasn't dissapointed!! "...beef tenderloin with goat cheese on toasted bagettes and brie cheese tarts. Nothing too elaborate..."

Ya right!

Sounds mighty tasty!

greg said...

um, that was LAST weekend. i haven't had a chance to post about turkey day yet...