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Monday, October 01, 2007

That's Right Folks


89 in a 70.


4 points and a hefty fine received enroute to wedding in Savannah.

Do you think I'm going to drive to South Carolina for my court date?
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MileHiDad said...

DANG!! That hurts!
Something I try tell my son often is "every action has a reaction".
You wanna run with the big dogs, you can't pee like a puppy!
Go big or go home, looks like you went big!
Hang in there!

Jeff said...

I just got back from a trip to SW Georgia with the family. I think that SC has more f*#king cops per mile of road than anywhere on the eastern seaboard...

greg said...

and porn shops and fireworks!

go figure.

Jeff said...

Yeah, I always wondered about the heady concoction that is boobs, Bob Jones University, the confederate flag and enough black powder to fight the civil war again, one M80 at a time...