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Sunday, August 12, 2007


For some reason Picasa isn't posting my pics to Blogger.

I fucking hate my PC. It is shit. it blinks and hums and fades and flcikers and has more viruses than a Shanghai whore.

Part of the problem could stenm from being laid up after hernia surgery and having two kids on the ol' Dell unsupervised.

An error prompt has just appeared as I type this and I have no desire to sit on my Internet provider's help line for two hours like my wife did before we left for the beach only to have nothing solved.

WiFi cafe/library access with my MacBook is just a few weeks away when the boys go back to school.

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MileHiDad said...

Hang in there Greg, have you checked it for Lead Paint yet?

Readers, checkout my Mattel Lead Paint Rant at when you get the chance.