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Friday, June 15, 2007

Getting Dick'ed

A few weeks ago I ran into another stay-at-home dad - coincidentally named Greg - at the playground of my youngest son's co-op playschool.

We got to chatting and it turned out that his wife worked for this radio show called The Story hosted by Dick Gordon.

I suggested he get the wife to do a piece on stay-at-home-dads.

He suggested I pitch it to her myself.

So I did.

Today, The Story aired my story.

You can find it at:


MrsFortune said...

Hey, I heard your story on NPR and stopped by to read. Uh ... but I wonder how you don't have a link to - he's an awesome SAHD blogger. :)

Anyway, looking forward to reading more, I enjoyed the interview. Especially the part about the poo in the outhouse.

Darren said...

Great story. Congrats on getting it.

Happy Father's Day.

Kevin said...

Very nice piece on The Story, great listen.
You are not alone, I share the same experiences and opinions with you.
I wish we were neighbors.

Anna Beth Williams said...

I loved your story on The Story. As a SAHM, it was great to hear the same issues happen to men in this situation too!! I used to think I was the only one who was tired of laundry and dishes!!

Alan said...

Just listened to the podcast edition of The Story featuring your story. Well done, man, well done. My wife stays at home but she was in the music business once upon a time. I was a bass player once upon a time and we met in Brooklyn under the Manhattan bridge. I'll scour your blog for more info, but I like the samples of your band from the piece on The Story. I would like to hear more and support you guys. Thanks for sharing your story. You rock.

Jim said...

What a small world. Was listening to The Story and checked out your website and you are just up the street (I live in Holly Springs).

Unfortunately I'm a stay-at-work Dad but I feel your pain - when I do Brownies and Gymnastics with my daughters I always get 'the look' but I've grown used to it... Thanks for the story and sticking up for us Dads!