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Saturday, February 03, 2007

My Love/Hate Relationship With Febreze

When I first discovered Febreze I immediately feel in love with the product.

I live in a home with two boys and a cat and the introduction of Febreze was godsend: it power to eliminate odors is rivaled by none (okay, maybe Lysol).

It is the champ of the cover-up.

Cat piss? Gone.

Kid puke? Gone.

Spilled milk on a rug? Gone.

Hairballs? Gone.

Pee in a bed? Gone.

Essentially, it will cover up just about any foul smell that you can find on your carpet, sofa, bed or any piece of fabric soiled by pet or child.

So you can clearly see why I would championed such a product and find salvation knowing that I can take out that blue bottle, spray and "Viola! Odor be gone!"

So what's the downside?

Well, my friend, the downside is that as soon as I walk into a room and get the slighest whiff of Febreze I immediately begin to run down a list of what could have transpired to require the need for the miracle spray.

Was it kid puke?

A cat turd dingle berry?

Spilled Beer?

You get my drift.

If only I could get the same results from a Yankee Candle...

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