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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Alien Abduction

So I had another alien abduction dream the other night.

I think I've had about a dozen or so over the last few years.

This one was sorta generic and par for the course in that it featured the basic big, bright light outside which needs to be investigated, that feeling of lost time and not being able to account for your whereabouts, and that feeling like you've been drugged.

The kicker was that during my "return" I sort came to walking down a dark hallway in my house only to find a stranger sleeping on my couch.

I walked over and pulled the covers off the stranger to find that I was looking at myself sleeping on the couch.

Chills rolled down my spine.

I shuddered off the chills and *poof* the dream went away.

The weird thing was that I actually slept on the couch because my 6-yr.-old came into our bed and 2am complaining of an ear ache.

The next day while channeling surfing I stumble upon a show about Roswell on the National Geographic channel.

Now I wasn't totally blown away by the coincidence because one can always find a show on aliens or Hitler on cable television.

But then today, I took said sick 6-yr.-old to the doctor to see if he had an ear infection (he does) and during our stay in the waiting room (not the mass populace waiting room, but the second tier room they put you in after the initial nurse consultation), the boys and I had this odd conversation about dreams and nightmares.

My 3- yr.-old's reoccurring "nightmare" is when I'm the tickle monster. I've actually heard him laugh in his sleep before and had him tell me the next day that I wouldn't stop tickling him on his dream.

But then my oldest son went into this elaborate dream about finding me in a room stuck with needles, lotsa of needles, all over my body and that the image totally freaked him out.

I think I've been listening to The Doors too much or something...


Chaz said...


Groovin' Dan said...

Yeah, the needle dream is definitely the kicker. My esteemed colleague Mick Farren ( believes that alien activity has been ratcheting up lately in response to the increasing possibility that Bush might do something "nucular" in Iraq or Iran in the near future. And hey, if Sammy Hagar got repeatedly abducted by aliens, why not you?

Regina Paul said...

Well, you've definitely got my vote for weird and strange. An out of the body experience, strange dreams about alien abduction, and nightmares. And your kids are having strange dreams too.

Have you ever thought that possibly there is more to this? Just wondering. I've written a novel on alien abduction called Getting Out Alive for which I did a tremendous amount of research. You definitely have some of the signs so to speak.