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Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Time To Kill

I have some time to kill before I meet up with a friend so I go to the mini mart and decide to buy this Budweiser spin-off called Hurricane which is 8.1 percent. I park my truck behind the place that used to be a restaurant called Pyewacket and drink the double deuce while talking on the phone to my actor friend Mike in LA. Some drunk couple comes up and gets into their Carmen Ghia convertable, both slamming their doors into the cars next to them. A short while later, a girl who looks just like the girl that played Blossom in the show of said name - and her friend - get into the car right next to my truck. I am sitting on the curb. "You're not trying to steal my hubcaps are you?" she says with a nervous laugh. "Nope," I say. Beer done. Phone call over. 9:30pm. Still have thirty minutes to kill. Posted by Picasa

1 comment:

st. george said...

with thirty minutes to kill in an abandoned restaurant parking lot I would think a guy like you would just up and pyewacket