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Monday, April 25, 2005

Punk Rock For Life

So my band - the Chest Pains - played our first show this past weekend.

It was a four-band bill in Raleigh at a place called Kings (

I was nervous as all get out come the day of the show.
But we came, saw and conquered.

Nobody could have fingered us as a new band. Most folks thought we were tight.
Which is good.

I fucked up the verse on the first song but we figured out how to fuck up and keep playing weeks
ago, so it was all good. By the second song, I was channeling my inner rock god and going full bore.

The club owner said my vocals reminded him of Dez Cadena-era Black Flag, my friend Daniel over at thought we had some Minutemen-esque moments. Another friend said we sound like Gwar. Nothing to complain about there; our 8 songs in 20 minutes won over many, as we were asked to be the opener for shows next month with The Ghost Of Rock and the Chrome Plated Apostles. Also Kings c-owner (and Cherry Valence bassist) Paul Siler said he was happy to see something that punk at his club.


Keeping the flame alive.

Punk rock for life.


Anonymous said...

my friend thought your bass player was kute

gslax said...

he is kute!!! you see his precious beer belly? you could get lost in that white, hairy bowl full of jelly. and his eyes! they are dreamy! if he would just stop playing that nasty punk and break out the boy band ballads like i know he can!!!!!!

my panties are wet....