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Tuesday, April 05, 2005

The Pope Died

And being the good Catholic that I am, I figured I should weigh in on the matter.

As much as I have abandoned catholicism and its strict guidelines over the years, the impact of 12 years of Catholic school made a strong imprint.

This blog's name afterall is based on St. Jude who is seen as the patron saint of hopeless cases and lost causes. We catholics have a patron saint for everything, trust me.

St. Jude was also the name of the parish I belonged to growing up and consquently, the name of the elementary school I went to from first to eighth grade.

Our school field trips were to places like cathedrals and shrines. There were May Processions and Friday masses; First Communion and Confirmation; and lots of confessioning.

I still dearly moved by religious iconography and art.
I mean what is the first thing you see when you walk into a catholic church?
Jesus nailed to the cross.

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Anonymous said...

Mr. Barbera, I'm a college student here in Durham. I'm 20, 5'7", Pisces. I like the Pixies. I was just wondering what your comment is on the man arrested for urinating on an altar during mass in Kenneth Gangemi's 1969 'miniature novel' OLT. I am of Scottish descent and often wear leggings. Sometimes I wear spectacles hand-crafted from the body of Christ.