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Sunday, February 20, 2005

Saturday, 2:45 PM

Yesterday was Saturday.



2:45 pm.

I'm listening to the Mick O'Grady Trio CD that Mike Daily sent me.

Mike Daily is Mick O'Grady.

Mick O'Grady is the protagonist in Mike's forthcoming novel AS IS.

The music is sparse, enough to fill a room but not enough to overpower the words, the verse.

So the Mick O'Grady Trio is the performance vehicle for Daily; reading passages from his novel backed by soundscapes.

On the package that came in the mail, there is a quote:
"If you like listening to the sound of your own voice, does that mean you're an audio-narcissist?"

Track 4 is on. "Los Angeles." Mick is talking about selling his most prized possessions for money. "I keep sellin' books and tradin' in CDs to buy groceries. Henry Miller for macaroni and cheese. Dostoevsky and selected Bukowski for lunch meat. My Sonic Youth discography for meatless patties. I'm not a vegetarian."

At 2:45 pm, Saturday, the phone rings.

It is Mike Daily.

He has memorized passages from his novel in order to perform them.

If listening to the sound of your own voice makes you an audio-narcissist, then what does memorizing the text of your own novel make you?

Wrapped that around your head.

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