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Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Let's Talk About The Weather

Refilled my zyrtec prescription.

Couldn't have done it at a better time as the weather has been warm all week.

Which means spring is around the corner.

Spring means pollen.

And pollen is my own little personal hell.

After just a few days of nice weather, my nose has already started to uproar; getting clogged and stuffy.

My 4-yr.old son Spencer feels my pain. He actually already is getting slammed, his first allergy attack of the season has begun. He is stuffy and miserable. Can't get a good night's sleep. Poor cranky little fella.

He takes zyrtec as well. His is liquid form though and he has a few doses left. Looks like I'll be refilling that soon.

He and his mother went to an open house last night at the school up the street where he is going to attend kindergarden in the fall. I can't believe he's gotten so old.

He pee wee soccer league also starts up in a couple of weeks.
Suddenly the schedule gets busy: soccer practice twice a week, games on Saturday mornings, his birthday in March, a possible visit from my sister and family.

This is the calm before the storm

1 comment:

st. george said...

It'll all pay off with Spencers first slide tackle from behind that sends their midfielder face first to the pitch... Are there midfielders at that age?